Monday, January 10, 2011

Never underestimate the value of a Thank You!

Hello everyone! I hope your holidays were absolutely amazing! I'm sure you've noticed that we've made a few changes here at Generations Crafting! It was a tough decision, but with our extra time we will be able to concentrate on customer service and doing everything we can to best serve our customers! We will continue to post specials, giveaways and our monthly contests on both our blog and Facebook so make sure to keep watching!

When I was a child, my mom would always force me to send a thank you card whenever I received a gift. I would come to loath the dreaded 'thank you' since I never knew what to say. I've grown to realize that it's not what you say that is important, but rather that you took the time to say anything at all! I've learned the value of the all important thank you note (thanks, mom!) and now I make sure to ALWAYS have thank you cards on hand!

From a simple thank you...

To more extravagant ones. Never underestimate the value of a Thank You!

So, let me know! Do you make thank you's? Do you simply call and say thank you? Did you learn the value of a thank you from your mom or mom-figure? Leave me a comment and tell me your own thank you story and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of everything I used to make my thank you's!

The winner will receive:
  • 5 Sheets of Basic Grey Green At Heart 12x12 Paper (Apple, Basil, Moss, Sage & Veggies)
  • 10 Sheets of Basic Grey Green At Heart 6x6 Paper
  • 2 Sheets of Basic Grey - Basic White 6x6 Paper
  • 1 Package of Green At Heart Cozy Posies
  • 1 Package of Basic Grey Bling It Rhinestones
  • 1 Sheet of Basic White Labels
  • 1 Sheet of Kaisercraft Thank You Rub-ons
  • 1 Embellishment Bag with a selection of Basic Grey Marrakech Buttons, Green At Heart Painted Brads and Bo Bunny Sheer Double Dot Ribbon
Leave your comments by next Monday, January 17 at 11:59 pm. We'll have a random drawing and notify the winner right here on the blog Tuesday, January 18.

Good luck and Happy Crafting!


  1. I do send thank you cards, but I think it's very important to let that person know 'in person' how much they are appreciated and loved, not just for their gift, but for who they are and what they mean in your life. A hug is a very special 'Thank You'

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  3. I send thank you cards if I was not able to thank the giver in person when I received the gift, but sometimes send one later even if I did see them in person if it is a gift of service such as a meal when you are ill or there is a death in the family. And, yes, I do make my kids, ages 10 and 7 write the dreaded thank you notes too. :-)

  4. I always try to send thank you cards. My dad was the one who always told me to write them. His side of the family is from Canada, so we don't get to see them very often. But every year for as long as I can remember I get a card w/ money in it from them.

  5. My Mom was a "thanks in person" person. My Dad was always the card sender in the family. He filled out all the Christmas cards, birthday cards, get well, sympathy and to him, most importantly, thank you cards. He believes, to this day, that know good deed should go un-noticed. I do both, but becoming a card maker has made me appreciate my Dad's lesson even more!

  6. I do cards and in person thank you's. Actually, I don't remember either of my parents telling me to send thank you's. Dad was more of acard person, my mom always thought cards were a waste of money.

  7. It varies with circumstances. Sometimes thank you's are mailed, sometimes they are in person, sometimes even over the phone or an email when you just can't wait to thank them for a particular reason. While I love to make thank you cards - I also keep 'regular' boxed thank you's on hand as well. There are some days I need more than I have and I know if I don't just send one out, I may forget.

  8. I love sending cards, especially unexpected ones...cause we all love getting something 'good' in the mail. I even send out 'thank you for your friendship' cards. Speaking of, I need to make up another batch of those!
    My mom had me say thank you, but no cards. I discovered them on my own (I think I was about 8)while looking for a birthday card and was hooked on the idea of mailing someone a sweet lil card just to say thanks.

  9. I usually will send a Thank You note for Birthdays or special occassions. Actually, I don't "send" them...I love seeing the look on their faces when I hand them to the person. They are really surprised to not only get a Thank You card, but a handmade one too! I don't normally see too many Thank You cards, so I love seeing the looks on the

  10. Awesome cards, GF! Glad to see you scrapping!

  11. Sending thank you cards are a must!! From the time I was little enough to write my own name, my mother made us write our own thank yous! Love your thank you cards... so pretty!!
    barb :)

  12. Your cards are all so lovely! My mom had us say thank you in person or by phone if that wasn't possible and also write a thank you note or card. I still do the same today.

  13. I just wanted to let you know that your cards are so beautiful...I also learned the same lesson from my Mom as well and even remember dreading it just like you. I tend to do alot of in person thank-yous but do send out a card on occasion...thanks for the great reminder..I've really enjoyed reading all the comments here.

  14. My family always made sure to send out Thank-You cards or made special in person Thank-you's depending on the circumstances. I tried to raise my children with the same values and they have passed this belief on to their children. You are absoultely correct in saying "Never Underestimate the value of a Thank You"! Your cards are so beautiful and the recipient will definetly know the sincerity behind the words "Thank You"! AJ - queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. Your thank you cards are an inspiration to us all.
    Thank you floren.

    Yes, we call to say thank you at the moment. I make my kids write thank you for all the gifts that they receive.

    I think that it is important to remember the people that remember you.

  16. My sending thank you cards began with my mother. I think maybe because being a mother is a thankless "job" our mothers were aware of how special a simple thank you is. I send a thank you card whenever i can usually with pictures too. I love your thank you cards.

  17. Kimberly H. (aka. Brooklynn)January 14, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    I love the thank you cards. they are beautiful! Although I'm not getting over just hoarding scrapbooking supplies for the past year, I send thanks through writing a letter for those who are far from me, but usually it's in person with a little heartfelt gift.

  18. Awesome assortment of thank you cards, very nice work! I tend to give out thank you cards at work. I don't so much to friends and family, but thank them in person instead. I did have a birthday a few days ago and was amazed at all the facebook birthday wishes I received so I did take time to comment and thank each and every poster. I felt so very special that they took the time to post and wanted to be sure to acknowledge every comment.