Thursday, November 4, 2010

Isn't it Friday yet?

Happy Thursday! Whew... it's been a long week! It's almost over and time for some much needed rest! That Halloween Party really took it out of me!

Today we have a little inspiration from yours truly and Grandma. I don't often have time to make projects, that is why I have a design team, but I really do miss it after a while! I just need to get in there and make something - it's therapy for me! I played with the new Glitz Hoopla collection and made some fun home decor projects in the never-ending pursuit of getting my house decorated! LOL! Take a look:

Glitz Hoopla Home Decor by GenCraft

The canvas is Kaisercraft. I painted the edges black and let dry before I started. I used Glitz Hoopla: Cake and Floral as well as some Paper Layers, Whatnots and Cardstock Stickers. I added in some Prima Bling and Flowers and a Queen & Co. Felt Border. I love the way this one turned out! Here is the other one:

The canvas again is Kaisercraft. I used Glitz Hoopla: Frames, Pipework and Polka as well as Paper Layers and Whatnots. I also added in some Prima Flowers and a Queen & Co. Felt Border. I like this one, too and can't wait to hang them up in my house somewhere!

Now for a little inspiration from Grandma. Do you remember a while back when I told you Grandma Lori was losing weight? Well, she did it! She lost 65 pounds and made an album of her weight loss journey! I snapped a few pictures of her album because I thought it was so inspiring - in lots of ways! Take a look:

Up, Up and a Weigh - My Diet Journey by Grandma Lori

I just love all of her clever little phrases!

I love this page! She did it and is jumping for joy! I had to skip a few pages, because Grandma didn't want me to show you all pictures of her in her heavier days, but... I found a nice little before and after picture that I'm putting on here and she can't stop me! LOL!

Grandma Lori Before - Photo taken August 16, 2009

Grandma Lori After - Photo taken August 24, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

So, how's that for Thursday inspiration?!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh my gosh! What an exciting week of projects!
    Neat to see that crafting is a family thing with you guys...I LOVE the altered canvas' and Lori's weight loss journal is amazing...she's amazing! Look at her! Thanks for sharing her story with us!!!

  2. Oh wow!! way to go gramma Lori.. and love the dieting journaling mini..That is too cute, maybe I should make one and that will motivate me to lose 20lbs that need shedding.. Hmmmmmmm!!
    Fantastic job everyone..

  3. Way to go Grandma Lori!! That is so awesome! How'd ya do it? Congrats to you! I love your album!
    Floren, the decor is awesome, love love love them!

  4. Well, first of all, I need to know where those adorable Victorian ladies came from? I'm thinking Hoopla what-nots. I am running over to the store to check out those 2 collections that I didn't work on. Let me tell you, these are not "poo!" And as for Grandma Lori - woohoo! We need details because I would be so happy to just loose 20! Way to go, Lori! What a fantstic idea the weight loss journal is! Love it!

  5. AMAZING PROJECTS!!!!!! Lori - you are such an inspiration. It just goes to show YOU CAN do it!!! I am so proud of you. I absolutely LOVE your JOURNEY mini...what a great way to journal the "journey"!! Hugs, T