Friday, April 30, 2010

Even more Basic Grey!

Well, I must admit I've never created anything outrageous with Basic Grey myself. I do love to alter though and I think I would cover just about anything with paper if I could! Thanks for all of your kind words for my mom's gazebo! She'll be happy to read all of your wonderful comments!

Did you know the new Basic Grey is in the store? You didn't? That's because I haven't mentioned it just yet. We have something extra special going on with a certain Basic Grey collection starting tomorrow, May 1. The newsletter will be going out shortly... you are definitely going to want to watch for it!

In the meantime, I'm going to share with you two layouts I created using some of the new Basic Grey collections!

Happy (birth) Day - by Me!

This is from my youngest daughter's (Ericka) 10th Birthday. I used Basic Grey Max & Whiskers! This collection is very versatile! You can still use it even if you don't have pets! I used the back side of Mittens and Elvis as the base of my layout. I also used the front side of Gretchen and Patches and punched the flowers from scraps of all of papers I used! I just love how it turned out - the colors are fantastic!

Cousins - by Me!

Another very versatile collection - Cappella! This is a picture of my daughters and my nieces taken at Christmas. I printed the photo in antique to soften the colors a bit for the vintage -inspired papers. Sepia and black-and-white photos would work really well with this collection as well! I used the back of Sonata as my base and added strips of Interlude (front & back), Mezzo (back) and Venetian (back) for the photo mat. The flower stickers are from the Cappella Element Stickers that I layered together and adhered with foam tape. Both layouts are adaptations of Basic Grey sketches.

What is your favorite thing to scrap about? Or are you like me and prefer to make cards and alter various items you find around the house? Let us know below and you could win:

Basic Grey Nook & Pantry 6x6 Paper Pad, Element Stickers, Stitched Brads; Basic Grey Offbeat Painted Brads; Basic Grey Origins Micro Mono Stickers.

Don't forget you can sign up for all the contests this week! We will have our final drawing this weekend and let you know Monday, May 3 on the blog. You can sign up for all of them if you'd like (April 27, April 28) Good luck!

Don't forget to be watching for that newsletter...


  1. Oh wow, these pages are great! I wish I had gone to that birthday party! LOL! too cute!
    Sometimes I worry about a line that sounds really "themed" but you did great with these pages and I love the elegant look!

    MY favorite thing to babies, of course! But what I really do enjoy so much is scrapping holiday pages DURING that holiday..makes the season even more fun! So I hold my photos until the following year so I can scrap them and then reminisce!

  2. Love the layouts! Thanks for sharing!
    I love to scrap my kids. I try to plan something for us to do every weekend that is different so they don't get bored going to the zoo and the park all the time. And besides..everything is a photo op and I love to try different I NEED different pics!

  3. I love photos of my children doing "nothing". We have so may pictures of them doing things! so just having pictures of them messing around the house is my favorite scrapbooking genre.

    The layouts you made were perfect.

    Thanks for the chance two win (although I think i own too many Nook and Pantry 6x6 pads already)!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Those layouts are gorgeous. I love the flowers in both of them - they turned out great! I love flower clusters.

    I prefer scrapbooking for other people and so have only done one layout for myself in the last year. It was of my husband, who I adore. We took some pictures at his work since it is such a huge part of who he is. He loves what he does.

    The other projects I've done have been for other people. I love scrapping gifts for people. In the past year, I have made 3 wedding albums, 1 baby book, 1 book done in vintage style for my friend's birthday, a Blue's Clues birthday mini album and a ton of layouts featuring my niece(I got her mother addicted to scrapbooking, yay!). I am currently working on an album for my father-in-law featuring photos of his wife who died 5 years ago. I am having the toughest time with this project because I miss her so much, but it has been very cathartic in a way, too. In 2005 (the year she died), I made 2 identical family albums for my husband and his brother. This past Christmas my father-in-law asked if he could have one as well. I felt very touched he wanted me to work on it so it is my pleasure to give him this - it's just...tough. I wish so badly that she were still alive. On a brighter note, the one thing about this album I love so far is seeing how my scrapbooking skills have really grown in the last 5 years. I look back on that album I made 5 years ago and chuckle. While I'll always love it, I don't think I used a single sheet of patterned paper and all of my elements were floating. In general, I am pretty pleased with how this one is turning out, design wise. This is rare for me. It is hard for me not to compare my work with the work of others I see in magazines or on-line galleries, but when you have a project like this, where you are comparing your work of 5 years ago to your work of today - both featuring the same subject matter - you can only compare your own work. It has been really enlightening to see how much I have learned. I love this hobby.

  5. I love to scrap mini-albums of my son doing sports and other activities. I also enjoy making cards for various events using stamps and basic grey papers as accents.

  6. I truly enjoy scrapbooking any pictures of my daughter. I take a multitude of them, lol! My second love is cards and Basic Grey works so well for them.

  7. Great pages, Floren. That Max and Whiskers looks so cheery and I could use some bright colors right now. As you know, I mostly do layouts of my family. Have done a few as gifts but not that many. Very few altered projects but am planning a tp roll album for fun!