Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

With so many manufacturers choosing to keep it GREEN, it's easier than ever to celebrate Mother Earth! Many manufacturers choose to print their papers on FSC certified paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) protects against habitat destruction and maintains forests by planting a new tree every time one is used. This keeps our Earth protected from climate change, pollution and other negative consequences associated with logging.

Did you know that here at Generations Crafting we are keeping it GREEN as well? That's right! Approximately 80% of our packing material is GREEN! Did you get those great GREEN "peanuts" in your last order? Those are 100% biodegradable! They will be completely broken down in about 1 week rather than traditional packing peanuts that will sit in our landfills for who knows how long! We often will choose to pack with paper rather than plastic so be sure to put that packing paper in your recycle bins and not the trash! And... don't forget to recycle the boxes your orders come in!

We personally try to lead GREEN lives as well! We recycle, make sure not to use too much water and buy only Energy Star appliances! We do every little thing that we can to protect our Mother Earth! What do you do to keep it GREEN? Leave us a comment about your GREEN habits and you will be entered in a drawing to win some Earthy Basic Grey Granola products! Leave your comments by Monday and we'll let you know who won on Tuesday!

Basic Grey Granola - 6x6 Paper Pad, Element Stickers, Alpha Stickers, Eucalyptus Rub-Ons (Blue) and Painted Brads.

Keep it GREEN!


  1. I recycle everything I'm allowed to put into our container, lol! Living in AZ has also taught me to conserve water. I never leave a faucet running and if I need hot water fast I heat up a bowl in the microwave.

  2. We recycle paper in the bins outside the schools. We reuse plastic containers for everything. I have about a dozen totes that we take to the grocery store (no paper or plastic for us!). I use old plastic lids for paint pallettes for the kids and old shower curtains for the tableclothes when they paint. And the kids' favorite NOISY pasttime is smashing aluminum cans in the driveway.

  3. I love recycling - not just because it helps the environment, but because it helps our budget! We recycle our cans & bottles and milk gallon containers have become starter planters. I've also found some neat ways to reuse items for my scrapbooking: I use frozen dinner trays as paint trays and bead sorters; I use clear containers that some cheese(like feta cheese) come in as storage for odds and ends; and recently I have used two old Altoid containers dressed up with paint, paper, and flowers as jewelry boxes for gifts.

  4. This is really great and wonderful to know about you and your company! I never can stand when you get a huge box in the mail with something tiny in it!
    I am big on conserving! We watch our water use, how we use paper towels and other paper products!
    I also try really really hard to watch what we have our heating/air set too!
    And I recycle all those scrappy bits left over after crafting!
    Had fun reading the other gals posts too!

  5. We also recycle here, cans, plastic etc.
    Scrapping I do for sure! I save all my scraps and keep them in big baggies at my desk and always have them near by. I just cant seem to throw any of that cute paper away!! Even bits of ribbon I will save too.
    I love taking the grand babes for walks and tag a bag with us for picking up cans, it's amazing how many we find in just 1/2 a mile!!
    We joke about the money from recycling the cans going for their college funds! lol Of course it will take alot more then that! But it's a start right? :)

  6. oops, that should be take a bag...not tag a bag! lol
    wished we could edit our posts!

  7. let's go green! i reuse shipping envelopes and boxes. i use both sides of paper to write or print on.i buy local products and i always fix old toys and tape old books:)