Thursday, September 9, 2010

Southwest Summer Show

Happy Thursday everyone! Wow... have I mentioned how much I love short weeks?

Well, Grandma Lori and I had a fantastic time at the Southwest Summer Show yesterday! It was a little chilly in there, though! We had to go warm ourselves in the sun three times! It was at a hotel so they must have thought that everyone there was from colder climates and not used to the Phoenix heat. Us locals were freezing! I was even wearing a sweater for a little while! LOL!!!

Here are some pictures that I took at the show:

This was at the Sizzix Booth. I spent most of my time there. I learned how to use the eClips machine and had fun with the letter-press technique. Stay tuned for a tutorial on the letter-press technique - I completely fell in love with it!

Next we moved on to the Glitz Booth. Unfortunately, my pictures didn't turn out! But, I have some news! The new product is set to ship the beginning of October and we went ahead and purchased all of the wonderful background stamps! They will be in the Coming Soon category shortly! Be watching for them!

Here is a fun booth that I couldn't get away from! This company is called Canvas Home Basics and I fell in love with all of their wonderful products! Take a look:

Look at all of this wonderful canvas, burlap and jute! I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!

Check out this neat burlap album! Here it is closed...

... and here it is completely open! Is this too cool or what?

They even carry kraft paper! We're thinking of bringing some of this into the store! What do you think?

Next we moved on to Petaloo. Actually, we moved on to something else and the Petaloo caught my eye! Holy cow... check out their all new flowers, leaves and vines:

Those of you that know about Petaloo, this is completely different for them! Be expecting these babies in October! They will all be in the Coming Soon category shortly!

Our last stop was at the Anna Griffin booth. How can you not fall in love with this:

Her two new Christmas collections are absolutely gorgeous! We're thinking about bringing these into the store as well!

We're interested to know what you think about the Canvas Home Basics and the Anna Griffin! Leave us a comment below!

Stay-tuned tomorrow for more design team inspiration!

Happy Crafting!


  1. The Anna Griffin xmas paper looks gorgeous!! And the Petaloo flowers are beautiful too. Also the kraft paper looks pretty cool. TFS Cant wait to see the background stamps

  2. Oops .. just saw this post. The Anna Griffin is gorgeous! The Petaloo is gorgeous this season as well! Thanks for posting some pix of the show!

  3. WOW.....Canvas Home Basics is right up my alley.....I love it!!! The Anna Griffin is absolutely beautiful too :)